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The ABC’s of An Entrepreneurial Lifestyle

The ABC's of An Entrepreneurial Lifestyle Rise My Venture

Rise My Venture team just researched about something interesting about the ABC’s of an entrepreneurial life. This resource is originally formed by Tim Lee who gave a Commencement Speech at Hampton University in 2004. We all know Life is all about to express the things in 26 alphabets. So, I say to you today my friends we still face difficult days ahead. We still have work to do, mountains to climb and obstacles to overcome. We cannot stop striving yet. They won’t get easier, life’s challenges. But they will become more intricate, tricky. But when life’s complexities confuse us, when the paradoxical ironies of existence surprise us and when we are troubled by the uncontrollable external entities both spiritual and physical, we must remember our abc’s. No not the alphabet- English majors of reading and writing. But the abc’s of life. And once we’ve learned them, we should take them with us as we let our lives do the singing.

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We should take the

A-accept the challenge
B- believe in ourselves
C- convert our thoughts into hopes
D- determination to convert our hopes into dreams
E- expect some obstacles on the way up
F- fight while being faithful and finish the course
G- get GOD on our side
H- Have a harving model of leadership
I- inspire someone else
J- take JESUS on our journey
K- keep on keeping on
L- be a leader
M- make every day count
N- never give up
O- overcome our obstacles
P- put our best foot forward
Q- quit quitting
R- run the race with pacers
S- strive on while
T- trusting in the lord
U- use our talents
V- value our time
W- wait for understanding
X- X-ray our own live styles
Y- yearn to achieve all that we seek
Z- be zealous when reaching the top.

Yes we can reach the top.

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