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Biggest Enemy of Indian Entrepreneurs

Rise My Venture Biggest Enemy of Indian Entrepreneurs

Rise My Venture recently got so many mails from Indian entrepreneurs. After collecting the data, we found that -“Job, Marriage & Home” are the three main enemies of Indian entrepreneurs. I am meeting many people who need to start up, however something is halting them. It is society. Society is not a solitary individual but rather it is the aggregate point of view of the considerable number of individuals around you.

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About Author : CEO & Founder at Rise My Venture (Er Sourabh Aggarwal)

I was a college pass out, who is looking for a great upcoming career path with good income level, a big nice house, and all the luxury stuff I want. When the idea “Rise My Venture”​ came up to my mind. I shared it with my mind. After deep thoughts, and thorough planning, I decided to start-up this business and be an entrepreneur with passion and values with my dreams.

I sold my (9 am to 5 pm) job and all the stuff I can sell, I quit my job looking mind, and I put all the ethics that I got in my life into this business. I believe in it, I got the experience, I have the passion, and I know how to make the impact and I have surrounded myself with smart people who will help to make this happen. Is it a big risk? Simply I always say NO.

Short Startup Story By Er Sourabh Aggarwal : Back in College Days

Startup Guy: I have an idea friends and I want to start something new.

Friends: Don’t have any idea about startups and entrepreneurship. They actually assuming startups means window startup button. “yaar tu pagal ho gya hai, company open krega”, pta bhi hai kitne paise lagte hai”

Startup Guy: Disappointed – Because He knows his friend’s really missing a great opportunity. Then he decided to concern this thing with parents. Again disappointed. In India, Most of the families entertain Entrepreneurship like a sin.

Finally, He decided to start a company. He launch a website and update their profile on all social media accounts as CEO/Founder.

Next day when he went to his class, His classmates says –“WOW, CEO aa gya, yaar aapni company mein job de de”. Kitni salary dega and resume kaha send karna hai.

Startup Guy: He is still motivated and positive. He knows his goal and he is working on it.

At the end, he build up a company and other guys dare to talk with him and discourage him

The moral is “Be Positive” and you must have a patience.

When you say that you need to seek after your graduation in expressions and humanities, everybody around presumably takes a gander at you like you are a disappointment in life. On the off chance that you are among the main ten entertainers in your class, everybody is stunned to hear that you are considering a vocation in Arts. “Beta, agar engineering/medical nahi lena toh commerce he kar lo”. (On the off chance that you would prefer not to settle on designing or medication, then in any event study commerce).

They can’t see your fantasies of turning into an author like Shakespeare, painter like Pablo or scholar like Socrates. They need you to be similar to others: work at a 9-5 occupation and earn substantial sums of money. They decline to see the way that not all designers, MBA graduates and specialists who are taking in substantial income are content with their occupations.

The same things happen to entrepreneurs, as starting up is a risky career move with 90 per cent probability of failure. When a guy from a middle-class family considers leaving his job to start a company, people think it is career suicide.

When I chose to leave my job to start up, everybody debilitated me. They couldn’t comprehend why a wedded individual with an infant is leaving his cushy occupation for a startup. This was a contention that regularly sprung up when they saw my startup was not making any benefits. Be that as it may, I needed to persuade stand out individual: my wife. I did that; she believed my instinct and I turned into a full-time startup fellow.

Most potential business people never begin a business in light of the fact that society is exceptionally savvy.

Advice against starting up after graduation

A crisp graduate from school needs to start up, but his girlfriend or parents are more worried around a protected future. In the event that the fellow gets put amid grounds enrollment, they may demand he takes up the offer. They may say, “You have your entire life to attempt your hand at beginning up. To start with acquire some cash for two or three years and recovery. At that point you will have industry experience and introductory capital for your startup.”

But guess what happens?

This guy will never begin an organization. His industry experience is futile for his startup in light of the fact that a large portion of the organizations give administrations to remote item organizations with least presentation to development or business bits of knowledge for a fresher. This gentleman won’t sufficiently spare to feel certain about leaving the occupation. He is presently gotten in an endless loop of yearly raises and advancements until it is past the point of no return for him to seek after his entrepreneurial dreams.

New graduates have the slightest commitment and least month to month cost. They have the ability of taking the greatest danger of their life yet it is hard to say no to the first occupation offer and more hard to persuade family and companions.

A couple brave guys take the savvy choice of beginning up soon after graduation. They turned out to be more effective than their associates over the long haul.

The stigma of the right age for marriage in India

“In the event that you are turning 30 and still not wedded, something isn’t right with you.” This is the scourge of being cheerfully unmarried in India. Numerous individuals get hitched when they are 27 or 28 as a result of the weight from society. Folks, relatives, companions and relatives of relatives are all worried about your marriage.

Nobody needs to comprehend what you need to accomplish in your life. It’s a typical reaction to your startup dream: “Beta, shaadi k baad bhi toh apni organization khol sakte ho.” (You can begin your organization even after the marriage). They imagine as they don’t have a clue about that costs will shoot up after marriage. The poor fellow might never get the boldness to take the danger of beginning up.

One of my partners got a splendid thought for a startup when I was all the while working. I offered him encourage and requesting that he begin fabricating the item. He said, “Nahi abhi toh ghar wale ladki dhoond rahe hain shaadi k liye. Abhi resignation doonga toh shaadi nahi ho payegi.” (“I am searching for a young lady to get hitched to. On the off chance that I quit my occupation now, the wedding can’t happen”).

He is presently hitched and utilized, yet cultivates longs for beginning up.

Burden of EMI of dream house/flat
Individuals have a tendency to get fixated on ‘my fantasy house’ attitude. It is a buildup made by developers and banks. Individuals are willing to take 80 for each penny credit from the bank in the wake of paying 20 for every penny up front installment to the manufacturer. They are willing to work for next 15-20 years with the goal that they can pay a major lump of their pay to banks.

When I was working for an organization, owning a level used to be the point of exchange during supper. Individuals let me know: “Purchase a level now or lament later,” however I was certain of beginning up one day. I spared enough cash with the goal that I can pay rent for the following 3-4 years. Presently I am cheerfully living on the edges of Chandigarh paying just Rs 10,000 lease and living in a level worth more than Rs 60 lakh. It’s a decent arrangement.

Our guardians, companions and the budgetary framework force feed the mindset to possess a house at the earliest opportunity disregarding the way that our danger taking ability gets to be zero that way. Would you take a danger of leaving your occupation in the event that you need to pay an EMI of Rs 50,000 consistently? Most presumably not.

Torture at Family Gatherings
In the event that you are a business person who is scarcely making any benefit from his startup, then you can comprehend what happens with startup folks at family social occasions. Everybody needs to know when your organization will begin profiting. They judge you as though you are without work of any sort and don’t delay to offer you guidance on joining an organization. They even contrast you and their children, little girls, nephews and nieces who have done MBAs and found lucrative employments. They brag of treks their children are making to outside nations on organization cost. They even say things like, “Maine to pehle he kaha tha! Yeh programming yaha nahi bikega” (I cautioned you that this product won’t offer around there),

They can’t take a gander at the capability of your creative thought as they may not comprehend what beginning up is about. Individuals who exhortation you to join Microsoft overlook that that organization, as well, started as a startup. Their children will spend their whole life in some counseling or programming firm with no enormous accomplishment other than two or three group honors.

Then what’s the way out?

Demonstrate to them your disposition. That is the thing that a business visionary conveys with her/him constantly. Talk with certainty and let them know that you will be fruitful one day. What you need for your life should be clear just to you. Try not to give others a chance to choose your way.

Entrepreneurship is not for you if one of the following is true for you.

  • Career growth means a greater-than-10% salary hike and a more impressive job title
  • Life settlement means owning a house, having a beautiful wife (or rich husband) and two smart kids
  • Startups are a hot topic during lunch and weekend parties only, but no one does anything to make them a reality.
  • You know how to make quick bucks by fooling people, and you think the same tactic can be applied to a startup
  • The value (financial) of one month of your life is not more than one month of your salary, in your opinion
  • Do you remember the last time you took a risk — something like taking leave for two weeks for vacation without your boss’ approval? Entrepreneurship is about confronting brutal realities of life where you have to take the risk on a daily basis.
  • You seek an expert’s help to move forward in an unfamiliar work situation, and are afraid of challenges.
  • You don’t try new things because statistics say that the probability of failure is 90%.
  • You dream of becoming Steve Jobs but compromise on your ideologies (often because your boss want things another way)
  • Last one — you know everything and you don’t like learning from juniors or peers. You only learn from CEOs because that is your primary goal of doing a startup.

Entrepreneurship is for brave hearts

  • You have to be mentally strong
  • You won’t raise money overnight
  • Your co-founders may leave you mid-way
  • Your potential investors may ditch you after promising funding.

Going near cashless becomes routine (be prepared for inconsistent income)

You know it’s not a simple adventure. You need to hold up under a considerable measure of torment. It is alarming to leave your employment and take after your energy. We hear examples of overcoming adversity of new companies, however nobody lets us know what number of disappointments are covered under that achievement.

“Remember, with every failure you are adding layers to your mental strength.” – Richard Branson

Side effects of Entrepreneurship

Disappointment hits you like the month to month portable bill. Consistently, we plan something extraordinary, however plans come up short all the time. We can’t stay away from the dissatisfaction of disappointment, however we can figure out how to handle it.

You question your choices commonly. You won’t discover anybody to bail you out. This is a symptom of turning into your own manager. You can’t request headings constantly, regardless of the possibility that you have coaches.

Self-worth issues
You question yourself. After consistent disappointments, you begin feeling like you aren’t deserving of anything. Tirelessness and persistence are keys to handling such a circumstance.

Addiction of work
This happens with each business person. Dependence on anything adverse affects life. It’s even feasible for somebody to end up dependent on smoking or liquor in the wake of beginning up, as they utilize it to ease stress.

Sleep disorders
Awful rest propensities take the front seat when you need to convey an item in time. There is such a great amount of disorder, from clients and representatives to family, that you frequently foul up your rest plan. My own terrible rest examples started to influence my efficiency, so I began awakening in the meantime consistently regardless of my rest time. My routine balanced consequently to my rest timings.

Family relationships suffer
Have you encountered this when you don’t offer time to your better half, wife or children? Notwithstanding when you sit with them, you discuss late financing news, or your troubles in contracting, or how intense your client is. Offer it a reprieve! Invest some quality energy with your crew.

Bad food habits
A possible circumstance for single man business people. You won’t have sufficient energy to cook sustenance. You will subsist on prepared to-eat garbage sustenance alone. You would be wise to get on an organic product diet.

No social life
You won’t feel it in light of the fact that you are caught up with building your item or pursuing your next client, yet your companions know what number of gatherings you are absent.

I am not attempting to panic you, but rather it is alarming in light of the fact that I have encountered this in my startup life. In the event that despite everything you need to take a jump then experience the agenda beneath before taking a definite conclusion.

Checklist before leaving your job

  • Why quit? Is it because I hate my boss or work, I want to pursue my passion, or I want to become my own boss?
  • Can I work on my dream venture while doing a full-time job? How much time will it take to launch an MVP (Minimum Viable Product)?
  • What are my Plans A and B? What if both fail? Do I have plans C and D?
  • How much do I spend monthly? Calculate your present expenses and future expenses.
  • How much do I need to support the family in the future? Consider your obligations like marriage, your kid’s education, and the foreign vacation you promised your family.
  • How long can I survive without a salary? If you think your venture will start paying you back in one year then save money for yourself for at least two years, because your plans will fail quite often.
  • Last question to ask yourself. If I quit my job and follow my passion only to have it fail miserably after two or three years of dedicated work, how will I feel? If you feel terrified, then reconsider your decision. We discussed this question in my previous startup. If I failed, I was willing to bear the pain of failure.

This article has been well researched by Rise My Venture team.