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43 Venture Capital Firms In India

Rise My Venture 43 Venture Capital Firms In India

Rise My Venture team recently research about Venture Capital firms in India and we just published the list of most active 43 venture capital firms in India. Once a startup has come to it’s development stage, it’s most important to get a funding by venture capital firms and a plentiful measure of subsidizing to scale up. In spite of the fact that the idea of beginning up has picked up energy as of late, yet the little number of financial specialists willing to demonstrate their trust and put resources into new pursuits has been an issue for new businesses.


Here is a list of 43 Venture Capital Firms For Startups In India:

1. Accel Partners India
2. Artheon Ventures
3. Artiman Ventures
4. August Capital Partners
5. BlueRun Ventures
6. Blume Ventures
7. Jaarvis Accelerator
8. Clarion Venture Partners
9. DFJ India
10. Epiphany Ventures
11. Fostinno Venture Partners
12. Gray Ghost Ventures
13. Helion Venture Partners
14. Idein Ventures
15. IFCI Venture Capital Funds
16. Incube Connect Fund
17. India Innovation Investors
18. InfraCo Asia Development Pte Ltd.
19. Inventus (India) Advisory Company
20. JAFCO Asia
21. Lightbox Ventures
22. Lightspeed ventures
23. Netz Capital
24. Nexus India Capital
25. Nirvana Venture Advisors
26. Ojas Venture Partners
27. Reliance Venture
28. SAIF Partners
29. Saama Capital
30. Sequoia Capital
31. Srijan Capital
32. Tuscan Ventures
33. Trident Capital
34. Veddis Ventures
35. VentureEast
36. Lambtech Ventures
37. ACA Private Equity Trust
38. Aditya Birla Private Equity Trust
39. Akruti City Venture Capital Fund
40. ACA Private Equity Trust
41. Aureos India Fund
42. Qualcomm Ventures
43. Wantrepreneur Global

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