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10 Signs You May Be The Next Entrepreneur

Rise My Venture 10 Signs You May Be The Next Entrepreneur

Rise My Venture content writer Shreyashi Chakraborty currently pursuing Masters in English Literature has written an article on “10 Signs You May Be The Next Entrepreneur”.

An entrepreneur is someone who undertakes and manages endeavors, usually with considerable initiative and risks. On a wider scale, entrepreneurs play an important role in the economic development of a country. There are no set of qualities which would label one as a successful entrepreneur but there sure are tell-tale signs that you might be the next entrepreneur. Look out for them!

1. You are passionately creative – You are always developing new ideas, methods, processes, products, services, and above all, new solutions that meet new requirements and provide more value to stakeholders. You have a sincerity which you are willing to work towards, putting you passion to tests.

2. You are a goal-setter – Without goals, different members will go in varied directions. You possess the ability to define the goal and be specific about it. The definition of a goal requires that a successful entrepreneur explain the purpose and necessity of the specified goals to his team members.

3. You are focused – You work towards you goal and stay focused. Goal settings are the achievement of targets and objectives for successful entrepreneurship. You are motivated and have the power to keep people working with you under a spell of your motivation. Goals tend to fizzle out unless you are driven towards it.

4. You are a team-builder – You possess leadership qualities and you have the ability to build a team. This includes creating a vision, setting up goals and reviewing progresses. Teamwork brings about a healthy organizational climate that allows everyone to thrive. Managing a venture is not a solo task and you need to build trustworthy relationships through team buildings.

5. You are a problem solver – An entrepreneur tends to approach problems rather than running away from it. He/she analyses them systematically and solves it effectively. This includes six steps: define the problem; gather information; identify various solutions; evaluate alternatives; take action and lastly evaluate the action taken.

6. You are a risk-taker – You can take decisions under uncertain circumstances and therefore willing to take risks. Taking risks is part of the game, however taking calculated risks brings about a positive outcome most of the time. Risk taking for an entrepreneur is an indication of an extreme sensitivity to cost consciousness and a passion for profit.

7. You innovate – Successful entrepreneurs continually develop, tweaking their business concepts in response to market feedback. Innovation bequeaths recourses with new capability to create wealth. Not only does a successful entrepreneur aim to improve and modify, but also they create new and different values and satisfaction. This innovative courage is fed by information, knowledge and intuition.

8. You Love challenges – An entrepreneur doesn’t think anything is insurmountable. He looks at adversity in the eye and keeps going. He has a strong urge to achieve and knowing that it is competitive out there in the market, he is willing to compete. He remains result-oriented and gets pleasure in getting challenges for he uses them as opportunities at bettering himself.

9. You are inquisitive – You are interested in consulting experts and seeking the advice from veterans. As an entrepreneur you are willing to undertake personally market research and make use of personal contacts and information networks to obtain useful information. Being curious, enquiring and interested helps your start-up in the long run.

10. You are introspective – As much as it is important to communicate with your team members, it is also equally important to analyse oneself. Commitment, determination, realism, sense of humour and reliability are ideally cultivated in the entrepreneur’s mind. Keeping time for self introspection is an essential habit of successful entrepreneurs.

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This article has been well researched and written by Rise My Venture content writer Intern Shreyashi Chakraborty.