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Top 20 Most Active Indian Angel Investors

Indian Angel Investors

Rise My venture team recently got contacted by many startup founders and an individuals regarding the list of Top 20 Most Active Indian Angel Investors. The team is back after releasing the India’s top notch startup services of 2017 – Click Here. Nowadays launching a startup is not a big deal. Every idea is unique. But to expand an idea, one should always require a funding from the angels or VC’s. The first round of funding usually done by angel investors or HNI professionals.

Note : There is a lot of difference between the angels invest in India and Abroad. Only few of them are interested to invest in India just viewing the prototype. Most of them ask you about your website, traction report, revenue model, revenue done so far and about your team members.

These are the things most of the angel investors do check before investing in a startup:

  1. Your Idea & Revenue done So Far.
  2. Do you have team member from IIT/NIT/IIIT/IIM/DCE/BITS or any other top institutes? Some of them denied this fact but its true.
  3. Are you a single member in your team? If Yes its difficult to get a funding. You always need a person to register a private limited company. You can include your brother, mother, father, sister, cousin, uncle, aunt or anyone as a Co-Founder.
  4. They will ask you about your bank statement. It means how much money you have already earned.
  5. Is your company registered ? Seriously it does not matter in case of angel funding. You can register your company after talking with the investor who is interested to invest in your company.
  6. You should prepare your Pitch Deck Presentation. A Deep Financial Plan or Long Business Plan does not require at first meeting either by face to face or via email.
  7. Do you have any team member with 3+ years of experience either as a core entrepreneur or a corporate experience.

Note : If you require any startup service then you can contact with Rise My Venture.  Our official email is support@risemyventure.com & http://risemyventure.com

About The Author : The above lines have been written by Er Sourabh Aggarwal – CEO & Founder at Rise My Venture. Sorry – If something wrong written by us in this article or you want to add some more info then email us at support@risemyventure.com. We do not want to hurt anyone after reading the facts figured out by us. His startups selected six times internationally and more than 500+ students already did internships with his startups in the last 5 years. He is the only member at Rise My venture in India and temporary sales office is in Canada, USA with overseas business partners. We have around 100+ clients in India and Abroad with 1M+ turnover. We are trying to bring Entrepreneurial education in India and Abroad.

Name Sector Location Social Links
1 Aditya Dev Sood Consumer Internet, Clean Tech, Mobile, Health Care New Delhi
2 Raghu Vohra Consumer Internet, Clean Tech, Mobile, Health Care Bangalore/Boston/LA
3 Sunil Kalra Consumer Internet, Mobile New Delhi
4 Sharad Sharma Consumer Internet New Delhi
5 Rajan Anandan Consumer Internet, Social Impact Bangalore
6 Ganesh Krishnan Consumer Internet, Education Bangalore
7 Meena Ganesh Consumer Internet, Healthcare Bangalore
8 Ritesh Malik Consumer Internet, Healthcare New Delhi
9 Nikunj Jain Consumer Internet New Delhi
10 Anupam Mittal Consumer Internet, Clean Technology, Mobile Mumbai
11 Kunal Bahl Consumer Internet, E-commerce New Delhi
12 Sachin Bansal Consumer Internet, Technology Bangalore
13 Naveen Tewari Consumer Internet, Mobile Bangalore
14 Ravi Gururaj Consumer Internet, Technology Bangalore
15 Vijay Shekhar Sharma Consumer Internet New Delhi
16 Samir Bangara Consumer Internet, Social Games & Development Platform Mumbai
17 Abhishek Rungta Consumer Internet, Digital Media Kolkata
18 Pallav Nadhani Consumer Internet, E-Commerce Bangalore
19 Aloke Bajpai Consumer Internet, E-Commerce, Mobile Gurgaon
20 Zishaan Hayath E-Commerce, Mobile, Education, Real Estate Mumbai