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Rise My Venture team always get good response from our readers and clients  on “Free Session On How To Start A Business”. Startup is booming like in India. Every body is running a startup. Everybody wants to become a CEO & Founder.

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A must read wording By Er Sourabh Aggarwal : CEO & Founder is like a best game for most of the Indian startup Entrepreneurs. According to him :- Going to some hosting company, buy a domain name and hosting and update all the social media accounts with CEO & Founder at some company is all about startup definition by most of the Indian startup entrepreneurs. Everybody is looking for funding and eager to build the next Google, next Facebook, next Amazon. Nobody is interested to work on product development except the those ones who know the value of product development. The first thing you have heard from most of the Indian entrepreneurs is :- I am looking for funding, Can you please connect me with some investors. Even though they don’t know the difference between seed funding and VC’s funding. They don’t know the cap table and burn rate of their organizations. Although finally they made a pitch deck with the help of some online ready-made templates and also copy their business plans. After rejected by some of the angels and VC’s., they start blaming to other co-founders in the company. We must say India has many young and talented minds but the question is why most of the startups fail and why it will be an early slumber for many of the startups even after the golden wake up call. The reason is they don’t have a strong platform, strong mentorship and startup services support to nurture their idea as per the market trends. They don’t have patience and they want to become a millionaire within the launch of few days. Becoming a millionaire is not bad; it’s a good thing but with strong business plan and revenue model. Now we are happy to announce that we are going to launch the “30 Minutes Free How To Start A Business Session On Every Sunday Via Google Hangouts at 7:30 pm to 8:00 pm”. Startups require support and services not millions of funding initially. We can’t read all the books in a single class that is why our life has many different chapters.

Come & Join This Free and Life Changing 30 Minutes Session On Every Sunday. There are only two things in Life “Either You Will Earn Or Learn”. There is no third or magical thing you should wait about.

What About The Content Of This Free 30 Minutes Google Hangout Session :-
1. What is Business?
2. How To Start A Business?
3. Who is an Angel Investor?
4. What is Burn rate?
5. How Rise My Venture Will Be Beneficial For Your Dream Startup?

Who Can Participate :-
1. Housewives
2. Women Entrepreneurs
3. Unemployed People
4. Students
5. Working Professional

How To Participate :-
Step 1 : Open this link : http://risemyventure.com/how-to-start-a-business/
Step 2 : Scroll the page and fill your details (Must fill Gmail ID).

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