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DropKaffe Raises $300K

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DropKaffe – an online on-demand coffee shop, raised $300K funding led by Bangalore-based Manish Singhal and Silicon Valley based P39 Capital. Other investors include prominent angels from the U.S., India and Singapore.

DropKaffe started five months ago and is currently operational in Bangalore with plans to expand to more cities in the coming months.

DropKaffe is founded by Rakshit Kejriwal, Lakshmi Dasaka, Chaitanya Chitta and Amar Yashlaha. Prior to DropKaffe, the team worked together on SmartOn – an education technology startup that was part of TechStars Accelerator in New York last year.

Manish Singhal, angel investor in DropKaffe said, “It all literally started over a cup of coffee, when the team pitched the idea of DropKaffe to me. Slowly their coffee grew on me and from a customer, I became an investor. With their premium blends and unique preparation methods, they are a differentiated product company set to establish a new benchmark and brand in the cafe segment.”

About DropKaffe

We are a bunch of coffee enthusiasts who love waking up to the smell of good coffee. We’ve also missed a good cup of coffee at work. The vending machines dispensed a watery, sugary concoction (which we refuse to call coffee) and the trips to the nearest coffee joint meant empty seats that unleashed our boss’s fury.

It was time to take things into our own hands and become the masters of our coffee destiny. We sourced the best coffee from the best estates in the country and the world tasting innumerable cups of coffee until we got to the filter coffee, latte and Americano we like and made sure our friends and colleagues liked it too!

Cups, lids and stoppers that can hold coffee safely, were tested till we got the right set. And we did not stop there. We asked ourselves what would we like with our coffee, and came up with a long list of cafe style food and quick bites that we love to eat.

A healthy wrap with a tart Americano? A tasty cookie with a fresh filter coffee? A fresh sandwich with a creamy iced coffee? And we came up with a delightful menu of amazing snacks and short eats for you to pair with your drink.

And now, we are proud to bring DropKaffe to your desk! Coffee is our first love, and we hold our food to the same standard of quality. We make sure that all our food is freshly prepared, and our kitchen is constantly turning out new, and awesome things to eat to keep you from getting hungry or bored.

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