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Vishal Ranka Interview From DeliveryKaka

Rise My Venture Visha Ranka Interview From Delivery Kaka

Rise My Venture team recently had the opportunity to interview the Founder of DeliveryKaka Mr. Vishal Ranka. He says – “Deliverykaka is a marketplace for all daily needs and Sweets.We are proficiently bridging the gap between vendors and customers and, by being available on call we have become a part of multiple households in a quick time.We wish to gain credibility in the industry and funding so as to fulfill our goal of expanding our network to three more tier-2 cities and 2 metropolitan cities in the next 2 years”.

DeliveryKaka is an online marketplace for all products of daily needs ranging from groceries,staples,household products,baby care products,bakery products,fresh vegetables and fruits,and sweets.We have tied up with renown vendors of each category,and hence we guarantee quality of products.A customer has an option of choosing from a wide combination of products that we have assembled.We have a team of 11 working in Jaipur which includes Myself heading all the financial and management aspects and being a bridge between different teams + 7 delivery staff + 1 operations manager + 2 calling representative ,a highly experienced,skilled technical team of 4 in Bangalore looking after website,mobile app development,maintenance and updates,a marketing strategist in Bangalore having the industry experience of 12+ years and an offline marketing team having dynamic,innovative mindset in Jaipur looking after strategies and executing them to perfection.Our team is highly skilled,experienced and dedicated with a sole goal of taking Deliverykaka to new heights and deliver more then what is expected of us. We have started operations in the month of august in Jaipur and near by areas and so far we have served many different areas and have started building up a strong customer base.We are scaling up quickly in terms of number of people,houses,colonies touched and also in terms of inventory.

DeliveryKaka can supply a customer with all the materials and ingredients that one needs in their day to day life like sweets, staples, groceries, vegetables etc. without even stepping out from their house. The business has teamed up with several local groceries,sweet shops and daily needs chains and merchants , so that quality food and care products can be delivered to all users in a blink of an eye.

We act as a local marketplace that has the potential to serve people in various neighborhoods of any given city. The items and products that a customer orders online, on the website itself or via the mobile app, can be delivered to him/her within 1 and half hour, right at their place of residence. So, a customer won’t even have to move an inch when he/she seeks and craves for top quality daily and household needs.

Story Behind Your Startup : People always seek fresh quality food and care products, no matter where they reside. However, thanks to many obstacles, the general population is always deprived of this convenience. The concern is that most of the time, many consumers do not get their end product in time or with the promised quality; as this is common with traditional raw food delivery and buying.

However, in order to mitigate these obstacles, DeliveryKaka has come up with a unique e- commerce solution that can allow a customer to seek quality food and care product right from their home. The products they will be able choose from the website and an app will be of top notch quality, whilst giving the customers the satisfaction of getting their food and products delivered right to their doorstep, at their preferred time(within 90 minutes).

I have seen my mother,investing lot of time in checking the quality of product,paying high prices and ending up highly unsatisfied.Recently,the number of cases of diseases due to food adulteration have notched up sharply.Adulteration in Dals and other unpacked food is a very common issue in India. There are many vendors and sellers that do not care about the quality of the product that they are selling to the customers and consumers. Apart from that, they neither think about customer support or even customer dedication, let alone regarding ‘prompt and swift’ home delivery factor. This is why a company like the DeliveryKaka is much needed in a place like India.

People in India are realising that they do not just have to ‘adjust’ to the things that are being offered to them. Even they can make the right choices, which they all along deserved in the first place. DeliveryKaka brings quality assurance to the table, along with fresh and top notch food products via more than qualified vendors. This service will be a much needed boon to all Indians who are always seeking good service with great products. In fact, you can even compare DeliveryKaka to rain-storm in the scorching summer heat; yes that’s how important it can become for everyone.

Another important reason that deliverykaka is needed is empowering women and senior citizens.In our society still millions of women are male dependent for getting products of daily needs.We want them to feel free,independent and this is where we step in and deliver all they need at the time they need(under 90 minutes from the time of order).We want our senior citizens to rest,to enjoy their remaining lives with us taking care of these time consuming needs.

Lastly,we are in a country still in transition towards technology,where still a huge population is not having access to basic internet services even in the urban areas whereas everyone has a cell phone.So we have kept a on call ordering facility,which can be used by everyone, from a child to a senior citizen not able to adapt to technology.

Yes,we want to be a part of every house.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : We have the following unique things which separate us from others :
1) We are taking orders on Call,which draws a huge number of people towards us.We are completely aware of the local needs and hence know about the number of people who prefer calling to place an order.Its user friendly,assures them of quality,prices and helps in clearing any other doubt that comes to their mind.
2) We assure delivery under 90 minutes,so far the average delivery time is under 45 minutes.Delivery in blink of an eye,we mean it.
3) Delivering sweets,which no one else does.We have tied-up with highly renown vendors and are in talks with other few.It’s a basic need of every Indian house hold and we assure of fulfilling it.
4) We believe in giving back to the society and hence we have started multiple ways to give for the education and food of the underprivileged kids. It has always been about serving the nation,in whatever way we can.

Startup Location : Jaipur
Facebook : www.facebook.com/DeliveryKaka
Instagram : instagram.com/deliverykaka
Twitter : twitter.com/delivery_kaka
Launch Date : 2015-08-28

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