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Raddiwale CEO Jitesh Agrawal Interview

Rise My Venture Raddiwale CEO Jitesh Agrawal feature Interview

At Rise My Venture, We recently got an opportunity to interview Raddiwale CEO Mr. Jitesh Agrawal. He says: – “Raddiwale is a mission to improve the current waste management sector in India and encourage people to use their waste as a resource. From waste recovery to recycling, we provide the best of services. Our vision is to use amalgamation of technology and smart processes to structure the highly unorganized waste management sector in India. Our aim is to offer convenient, smooth and timely scrap pickup service at your doorstep. We not only pickup your waste, but also provide a platform to maximize its potential use. By integrating smart technology and effective operations, we minimize the customer effort in multiple follow-ups, negotiations, measuring tools to provide best customer experience”.

Story Behind Your Startup : Once, I was watching a video on my laptop and suddenly my speaker got blow out and it was no more useful, than a curiosity came to my mind that What happened with the Scrap that we produced each day? I did the research for it and found out a big gap and an unorganized sector which is affecting environment and people. India waste recovery rate and importing waste paper from developed countries and condition of rag-pickers are big concern.

Problem : How to organize, improve and increase profitability from Scrap/Waste management in India?

Solution : RaddiWale – http://raddiwale.in

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : There are mainly three reasons which we think our startup is different from other competitors in the market.

1. We are taking waste materials and putting them to their highest and best price.
2. The rag-pickers will be equipped with hygiene mask, gloves and authentic tools for accurate measurement.
3. Our main focus on network establishment where more and more user can join us everyday.

Startup Location: Mumbai, India
Facebook: http://facebook.com/raddiwale
LinkedIn: http://linkedin.com/company/raddiwale
Twitter: https://twitter.com/raddiwale
Launch Date:  2015-08-15

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