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PustakMandi CEO Vipul Madhani Interview

Rise My Venture PustakMandi CEO Vipul Madhani Interview

Rise My Venture team recently had the opportunity to interview the CEO of PustakMandi Mr. Vipul Madhani. He says – “PustakMandi is an all India platform where you can buy and sell books – used or new. A place where even your “old books” can give you good money while you sit at home”.

PustakMandi is dedicated to providing its readers with a wide range of books. The readers get used as well as new books with the facility of vast selection, low prices, fast and reliable delivery, and convenient online shopping. We are committed to ensure 100% Purchase Protection for all shopping done at Pustakmandi so that the user can benefit from a safe and secure online ordering experience, along with other convenient options such as cash on delivery, easy returns and more to enjoy hassle free shopping.

PustakMandi deals with books only. Books are available under various categories like Fiction, Novels, Comics, Text Books, Shastras, Indian Writings, Famous Authors’ books etc. PustakMandi gives its readers flexible options for buying the books. They can buy used books at very low prices and can save their time otherwise spent on visits to various markets to get old books. This is how PustakMandi is different from other online book sellers. Our motive is to save our readers’ time, money and increase their reading and studying time.

For Future, PustakMandi envisions working with most booksellers across India and the world. Also looking forward to work with NGOs and social organisations to help the needy who cannot afford purchasing the books.

Story Behind Your Startup : People often visit vendors to sell their books in sunny days or heavy rains. They don’t realize that they are spending extra money and sometimes more than what they get from selling their old books. So PustakMandi is the whole sole place where anyone can sell their books just by sitting at one place without spending any extra penny. Also Sellers can sell their books by uploading them on PustakMandi Marketplace and expand their business in book world. A whole sole Book mobile app is much easy to buy book rather then grabbing it from a bundles of products unlike other markets.

Also often people doesn’t get chance to get known to various authors or showcase their art. So here they get this excellent opportunity on PustakMandi where different ventures help for doing this.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : We here are not just creating an online shop for selling books but we are making an online global network for everyone who wants to get books easily around there network and also wants to sell without moving anywhere. Also at PustakMandi we are giving chance to every author, artists, to get in touch with outside world to showcase their talent.

Startup Location : Mumbai
Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pustakmandi
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/company/pustakmandi
Twitter : http://www.twitter.com/pustakmandi
Launch Date : 2015-04-21

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