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Namita Kar from Brain-Work Knowledge Group

Rise My Venture Namita Kar from Brain-Work Knowledge Group

At Rise My Venture, We recently got an opportunity to interview Brain-Work Knowledge Group owner Mrs. Namita Kar. She says: – “We are a Budget Pre-school to uplift millions of children in India through high-quality, holistic education and to empower women through career development and entrepreneurship. Our Pre-School operated with the name of Brain-Work Knowledge Group currently operated in Bhilai (chhattisgarh). Our school operations are targeted for the bottom and middle of the pyramid people. Operations will only be confined to local area. In addition to this, we will have only women teachers who will economically empower themselves with this opportunity. We design our curriculum and the activities which we perform in the center.

Story Behind Your Startup : I am Namita Kar and having an experience of more than 15 years to manage the pre-schools in India. When on a vacation, My son Sukant Kar who has done BE and worked in India & United States went to our Home town called Bhilai (A small Tier 2 City in chhattisgarh). He went to one family whose son was 6 years and not going to School, when he asked why they are not sending him to School they TOLD – “hum kaha se afford karenge yea Pre-School. 2-3 saal ke liye kaun dega 50 hazar admission fees”. They replied they will give there kids admission directly to Public School in Class 1. when we enquire we identified that around 150 families doing the same practice in that areas for a couple of years. We thought that the Pre-School are the foundation of any child education carrier and missing a pre-school is a heavy compromise with any child carrier. Hence we decided to come up with a plan of Budget Pre-School in that area and named as Brain-Work Knowledge Group. We first initiated a Pilot Project . Below is the working of the Project.

Pilot Project :
1.We will identify a particular area near to a Public School, Small Society, and that will be identified by there income slab.
2.We will take a small house in rent for 1 Month an reach out the families for a Free demo classes and will identify the turn around to dropout ratio after a month.
3.After successful implementation of Pilot Project we will set a Full Fledged Set up and we are expecting to work with 70 to 80 % of capacity with in 2 years.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : We provide a Budget Pre-School with a charges of only . 5000/-(This also includes Uniform, Books) One time fees and 650 – 700 / Month. We have a decent infrastructure so the kids get pleased with the surrounding. We provide a strong curriculum which lays a strong foundation. The most importantly we have a vision that no one in the country should skip the basic education because of financial challenges.

Startup Location : Bhilai

Website : http://sukantkarkar93.wix.com/brainwork
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/BrainworksThePreSchool
LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/pub/sukant-kar/18/954/4a4
Launch Date : 2015-09-15

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