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Hymnn Co-Founder Harsh Singh Interview

Rise My Venture Hymnn Co-Founder Harsh Singh Interview

Rise My Venture team recently had the opportunity to interview the Co-Founder of Hymnn Mr. Harsh Singh Samasraj. He says – “Hymn Music strives to provide a “pro-cial” platform to the musicians of our country. Our aim is to consolidate the social and professional worlds of musicians by promoting them, help them get discovered, share their music to a larger fan base and monetize their talent so they can convert their passion into profession. So that on one hand they can create social profiles to share their work, network with other musicians, form bands, do collaborations while on the other hand we connect them to recruiters who wish to hire artists for gigs, functions or corporate affairs. Artists create their profiles on our platform, upload songs, pictures, videos, and set their preferences regarding the kind of events they would wish to be a part of. Each musician thus gets in return a portfolio with a unique link which they can share (Bye-Bye attaching links to YouTube, Soundcloud, FB, Twitter ET all. We have it all in one place and its’ amazing. Forget personal websites). We use the professional details shared by artists to pursue people who have requirement of them. Very soon, we will be launching our online marketplace where you can explore musicians based on your needs and we will get the perfect match for you. We have completed two months and we have received encouraging response so far with over 400 artists’ worldwide joining hand with us despite a zero marketing and promotion budget. We are in process of organizing our first, one of a kind concert series in Delhi, Mumbai and Bangalore.”

Revenue Model : Arpit agarwal who handles the finances told us about the revenue model of the company- “We believe in a freemium model and hence, will never charge our musicians a penny for being a part of our family. Charging them to use our online services would defeat our purpose of empowering them. We instead have adopted a model of tied economics wherein we will earn only when our artists will earn. Most online companies in digital music domain in India are not profitable due to unpopularity of subscription model in our country and hence they have to rely on investments to thrive. We on the contrary plan to support our online business by indulging in the offline activities of meeting the demand of musicians and organizing events. We are presently bootstrapped working out of our humble office in Dwarka, progressing aggressively towards idea validation and to establish our niche before scaling on a much larger scale.”

Current Status and future plans : Regarding the future of Hymnn, Aditya Prakash who heads operations had to say that, “At the end of second month since launch, the statistics are healthy. 400+ registered musicians, 15000+ visitors and over 40,000 hits at our website. We are plunging into team expansion and making strategies to leverage social media to reach out to more musicians out there. We are focusing on creating opportunities and services for our musicians and are in conversation with event organizers, music cafes, artist management societies and music mentors for associations. We will be organizing a pan metro cities concert series- “The Podium Rum” soon to promote amateur artists. Additionally, we are in talks with music schools, ticketing/booking management portals and event-promotion companies to partner with and increase the value offered to our artists. Our future plans include creating a concept of online label, modifying our platform to encourage interaction among artists and leveraging the YouTube trend of creating originals and covers through collaborations. On the offline front, we aim to provide musicians to all major festivals, campus concerts and organize our own multi-city based music festival series. The platform is focused only on musicians at the moment, but we aim to expand it for music listeners very soon to bring fans on our platform and promote music discovery of our artists.”

Story Behind Your Startup: Story behind starting up :

1. What inspired you to startup on your own?
The concept of internet and how it has shunned the limitations of demographics, gender, economic conditions etc. has always awed me, always inspired me to contribute to this community. The way web based social utilities like Facebook, twitter, YouTube or even Whatsapp has changed our lives is overwhelming, and this has since forever piqued my interest in creating a web based social utility and having a similar impact. This lead to starting up an internet company.

2. Why this idea?
I am a YouTube junkie and spend hours on it. I came across this really amazing cover of a Bollywood song by singer from Auckland, New Zealand so I put her video playlist up. I noticed each of her videos ended with a summary of her social links, those of soundcloud, twitter, fb, vine etc and it struck me. Independent musicians have to depend on multiple platforms to connect with their fans. And fans in turn have to visit different websites for their videos, for their songs, for their updates or to book them for events. This gave the idea to consolidate all these on a single platform.

3. Phases through which startup has traveled and troubles faced?
When we began working on this project in April, our focus was to create a music streaming engine to promote independent music. Over the period, we talked to numerous musicians, conducted idea validation surveys and researched the market. It gave us invaluable insights and we pivoted our idea to its current form to address the root problems and then adopt a bottom- up approach in expanding our services. We had some very bad experiences trying to outsource the website development work which lead us to taking the matter in our own hands and we designed and developed the complete system by ourselves which has been a great decision so far giving us much better control over our systems. The major challenge we have faced since launch is getting artists to make comprehensive profiles, probably because of lack of trust on a new platform and we are working towards building credibility.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : We combine different verticals of music discovery, getting opportunities, social networking and more all in one place. This is what truly differentiates us from our competitors.

About The Founding Team: From 3 co-founders in June, we have grown to a 14 member family presently.

Hymnn Team Rise My Venture

Harsh Singh Samasraj Co-Founder – Has experience in product management, web design and development, leadership, marketing, fundraising and business strategy. Worked in corporate outsource projects; seed stages of startups.

Aditya Prakash Co-Founder – Growth hacker, experienced in marketing and promotion, graphic designer and a brilliant strategist.

Arpit Agarwal Co-Founder – Drives social media, great networking and research skills. Experience in event management and leading ground teams.

Startup Location : Dwarka, New Delhi
Facebook : www.facebook.com/Hymnn-1412887912372833
Twitter : www.twitter.com/HymnnMusic
Launch Date : 2015-07-18

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