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GetUrProduct COO Utsav Anand Interview

Rise My Venture GetUrProduct COO Utsav Anand Interview

Rise My Venture team recently had the opportunity to interview the COO of GetUrProduct Mr. Utsav Anand. He says – “The platform works as a hyper local search engine for retailed goods. The consumers are able to search shops and products nearest to them”.

GetUrProduct is a hyper local search engine for retail goods. The users are able to search products & shops nearest to them according to their initial choice of search & the location of the users & the retail stores. The search being purely location based does not depend on any other bias, therefore providing the consumer the information about the stores nearest to him/her. The retailers can register their stores and can make their stores visible on our portal.

Story Behind Your Startup : It all started with the idea to untangle the ways of conventional shopping. A few us got together and came up with idea to create a hyper local discovery platform where the buyers can find the stores nearest to them to get the desired product. We kept on adding and removing features and finally came up with the optimum features that should be incorporated in our project and named it geturproduct. The challenge in making the idea of a hyper local platform was to choose the area and approach to pilot our idea. We decided to choose an area which was small in itself but as a whole represented a larger entity. thus, we started with the city of Noida which had a limited area but was a city in itself. Noida offered a unique blend of modern consumerism and old fashioned retailing hub. With a city having a large young population it seemed to be an optimum site for the pilot. However the challenge lay in convincing the retailers to renounce their old ways and join the new platform which allows them to showcase their information and catalog at the same time. We have successfully collected the information from over 150 shopkeeper with their written consent which house more than 20000 products ranging from electronics to medicines to designer boutiques.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : Our Competitive Advantage lies in our approach towards covering the target market and the implementation of the project. We are covering the market by bottom-up approach where we cover the small retailers first instead of the big players. This has resulted in the increased penetration levels in the market.

Startup Location : New Delhi
Facebook : www.facebook.com/geturproduct
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/geturproduct
Twitter : www.twitter.com/geturproduct
Launch Date : 2015-12-31

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