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Defining an economy that runs on ‘You’

Meeturite Co-Founder Pooja Amit Interview

In a world that mostly runs on technology, the concept of the world becoming an integrated global village beckons all of us. The Irony, however, is that being ‘Social’ is now more ‘Media’ and less personal.

Through observations, Pooja and Amit Closepet knew they were onto something, when they met scores of everyday people with skills and talents worth exchanging. And yes, they did something about it. They’ve built a cutting edge web platform, facilitating just that.

Meet Meeturite, A social platform that enables buying/selling access to people’s time and users on Meeturite will have access to a personal online diary to gather memorable experiences. Meeturite is the world’s first digital community, which gives you the opportunity to lend your time to someone in need of your expertise/advice/training or simply for an interesting conversation!

In our quest to find Startups in the Social Technology space, we met team Meeturite. A bunch of young 20 somethings looking to change the world, one meeting at a time.

Primarily we had to question the premise and the need for yet another Social Platform, for which Pooja, Co-founder & COO, who handles Operations and Customer Happiness at Meeturite had to say ”We’re surely not a ‘me too’ Social Platform. For several years now, Social Media has been largely responsible for liberalizing people’s outlook towards meeting strangers. However most Social Platforms continue to connect White-collar professionals or dating enthusiasts, leaving a void that includes hundreds of thousands of working professionals, talented homemakers, and skilled laborers. And that is roughly about 70% of the Market.

The ideology was to build a simple platform that allows everyday people to exchange their skills. With the power of technology and a new found digital social intent, consulting can be democratized. And this is the value we want to create”.

“Every member will have their own unique badge ID which they can use even on their business cards to help people take an appointment online to meet them. Meeturite is dedicated to connect as many people possible and help everybody get noticed for any knowledge or expertise they can share with the world, this way engaging people of all age groups who are looking to buy/sell their time”, says Amit, Founder & CEO, who is the visionary behind the whole idea.

After the first 10 minutes, our team was convinced about the premise of the tool. And once we understood the purpose of Meeturite, here are some obvious questions to which we got some really exciting answers.

Amit, when he first envisioned Meeturite, felt that the world would be a better place if everyone first learnt to value the skills they’ve earned over the many years of their lives. He Says “Every individual is a powerhouse of resources with several things he/she is good at. The world first started selling books online, electronics online, now even cars & homes online. So we thought, why not sell people’s time online! Meeturite is the only unique platform available that allows people to put a price on their time and allow others to access it”

This young startup has changed the game overnight by building a platform that brings everybody on a common resource pool that allows access to a diverse list of skill sets varying across domains from food and culture to Science and technology. Comprising of members from different walks of life having expertise in their own field of work, this unique user base on the online portal, gives people an opportunity to be identified by top companies/officials for their talent”

Pooja says “Users can directly have a one on one conversation either online or in person. Meeturite is a one of a kind web application, which is more responsible towards valuing people’s time and giving them the credit and worth, they think they deserve in their field of expertise. The users are free to fix their own price for an informative/creative meeting for a pre-decided duration.”

Adding further, they say, “Meeturite has an interesting feature called the “Meetale” diary. Here, the user can write about their meetings or showcase their work in pictures. Meetale is a way to put thoughts to words and give a better insight about themselves to fellow members”.

Founders Amit and Pooja, along with partner and CTO Adithya have spent the better part of 2016 in building a world-class web product that reflects their ambitions in becoming the most comprehensive skills exchange platform in the world. The company has received warm responses from its users, as over 1500 people have registered themselves on the tool, in under 6 months. Meeturite has also garnered appreciation and accolades from senior VCs and Influencers.

“We are currently working on cutting edge solutions to empower corporate and educational institution by building an education/enterprise portfolio. Given that we are young and nimble, all we can say is that we have worked on building Meeturite into a fully functional skill exchange platform with a sense of certainity that we are creating a new market and our audiences have responded well. We look to connect over 10,000 people this coming year and have a healthy goal of 500 paid meetings in under 12 months.

We are out to slay the dragon! As we build lot of enterprise and end-user features onto the tool, Meeturite is surely going to disrupt the Social Tech space over the next couple of years”, gleams Adithya.

Team Members

1. Amit S Closepet : CEO & Founder at Meeturite
LinkedIn : https://in.linkedin.com/in/amitsclosepet
Twitter : http://twitter.com/amitsclosepet

2. Pooja Amit – COO & Co-Founder at Meeturite
LinkedIn : https://in.linkedin.com/in/poojaamit
Twitter : http://twitter.com/poojashankar30

3. Adithya Vasudevamurthy – CTO at Meeturite
LinkedIn : https://in.linkedin.com/in/adithyavmurthy
Twitter : http://twitter.com/adithyavmurthy
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