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Dealwithus Kamal Kishore Kumawat Interview

Rise My Venture Dealwithus Kamal Kishore Kumawat Interview

Rise My Venture team recently had the opportunity to interview the CMO & Co-Founder of Dealwithus Mr. Kamal Kishore Kumawat. He says – “We Want To Be the Best Search Engine For Products and The Go-To Platform for Personalized Product Marketing”.

We are a cashback website. We provide cashback on more than 400 eCommerce websites. We are trying to extend our model to offline stores. We are launching pay per click model for B2B similar to Google and more efficient than Google.

Story Behind Your Startup : As the e-Commerce is growing at exponential rate and price of products is going high because of tremendous money spent on marketing. Ultimately customers have to bear the price. We are a platform where businesses can reach out customers who are experienced E-Shoppers. Customers have an advantage of choosing from more than 400 marketplaces and get additional cash back.

What Makes Your Startup Different From Your Competitors : We provide enhanced savings. Faster than competitors websites and has customized navigation for customers. We also provide B2B advertisement platform, stringent security measures.

We are becoming a better marketing platform for B2B, Where companies can market their product cheaply and can re-target their customers effectively.

Startup Location : Mumbai
Facebook : www.facebook.com/dealwithus.co.in
LinkedIn : www.linkedin.com/company/dealwithus-co-in
Twitter: www.twitter.com/dealwithusinfo
Launch Date : 2014-04-11

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