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Munawar Shakeel – Pakistani Cobbler Story

Rise My Venture Munawar Shakeel - Pakistani Cobbler Story

Rise My Venture team is going the most inspiring success story of Pakistani Cobbler Munawar Shakeel who has written five award winning books.The most ideal approach to not feel sad is to get up and accomplish something. Try not to sit tight for good things to transpire. On the off chance that you go out and make some great things happen, you will fill the world and yourself with trust. The man who has done complete justice to the above saying is a cobbler who goes by the name Munawar Shakeel.

About Munawar Shakeel
Munawar Shakeel is a shoemaker by calling. He can be seen retouching shoes in a rural town of Rodala, which is situated in Jaranwala, Faisalabad. What’s more, it has been 3 decades now. In any case, what separates him is his affection for verse. he is the writer of 5 Punjabi books.

His background
He was born in the year 1969. After the loss of his dad at an early age, he couldn’t bear the cost of a formal training as he was secured with monetary obligations which in turn made him a shoemaker: his family calling. Along these lines, he acquired the books himself and built up the propensity for perusing.

The unfettered love for reading and writing
He loves reading. So much that not a day passes by when he doesn’t read for four hours. He makes sure he saves a little amount of money(Rs 10/- ) from his monthly savings (Rs 250/- to Rs 300/-). Besides that, he is also a member of many literary groups such as Royal Adabi Academy, Jaranwala, and the Naqeebi Karvan-e-Adab.

His books and awards

He is the writer of 5 Punjabi books. Here are the greater part of his books with their years of production. These likewise happen to be grant winning.
1. Soch Samandar (2004)
2. Pardes Di Sangat (2005)
3. Saddiyan De Bhait (2009)
4. Jhora Dhap Gawachi Da (2011)
5. Akhaan Mitti Ho Gaiyaan (2013)
6. Taanghan (This will be published by the end of this year)

He has gotten recompenses from prestigious associations – Royal Adabi Academy, Jaranwala, the Naqeebi Karvan-e-Adab, Ashna-e-Saandal Bar, Pakistan Writers’ Guild, and Punjabi Seva

Subject of poetry and choosing Punjabi as the medium of language

He focuses on the discouraged area of the general public through his verse. Why? He mirrors that the upper area of the general public has dependably focused on the lower class by separating them. In his own words – “I need to represent the lower classes through my verse, and those things which can’t be said straightforwardly, I need to say them through verse.” Also, he imagines that it is extremely vital to relate to the torment on the off chance that you need to wind up a decent writer.

He additionally feels pleased with the way that his ballads are in Punjabi. He has no worries to distribute his books in whatever other dialect as he feels that Punjabi is his first language. Likewise, he says that legislature ought to additionally center to advance Punjab

Few lines from his poetry

Innu kinne paani ditta, innu kinne boya aey
Patthar de jo seene uttey, boota ugya hoya aey

[Who watered it, who sowed it,
The plant that grew on a heart of stone]

Views of his Literature teacher

Ghulam Mustafa Azad Naqeebi is his writing instructor. He says that individuals of rural ranges are not shy of ability or capacity. It’s the lack of assets which can end up being an obstruction. He relates to Munawar’s lyrics as an encapsulation of trouble and battles of oppressed individuals. Munawar was never quick to pick affection or closeness as his subject of verse.

Finally, he is not embarrassed about him being a shoemaker. He says, “There is eminence in diligent work. I have no disgrace in repairing shoes, yet I need individuals to be more mindful, and I need them to peruse books so we can likewise remain in the positions of created countries.”

In the event that you are intrigued to peruse his works, you can send an email at faisalabad@lokpunjab.org with your name, address, and telephone number.

Doesn’t he motivate every one of us? I mean in what capacity can social and money related benchmarks characterize you in the event that you are sufficiently enthusiastic to accomplish something in life?

As the most famous saying goes – The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.

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