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Mahashta Murasi – 180 Year Old Indian

Rise My Venture Mahashta Murasi – 180 Year Old Indian

While a large portion of us are terrified of death and wish to live more or rather have an eternal life, here is a tale around a man who has found 180 years in India! Yes, you got that right! Mahashta Murasi is an Indian claims that he was born in January 1835, which make him the oldest man alive till date. Murasi, if born around the same time he claims, will be the oldest man alive on earth and the most oldest man to have ever lived according to Guinness Book of World Records.

“My grandchildren are dead there for years. Somehow death has forgotten me,” says Mahashta Murasi. As indicated by the data transmitted, the man was born in Bangalore on January 6, 1835.

As indicated by the authorities, Murasi was born and raised in Bangalore, and is recorded to have lived in Varanasi since 1903.

He worked as a cobbler in the city until 1957, when he retired at the already venerable age of 122.

The man’s birth certificate and identity cards all seem to confirm his version, but unfortunately no medical examination can confirm his saying for now.

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