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Divyang Srikanth Bolla Setup 50 Crore Firm

Blind Srikanth Bolla Setup 50 Crore Firm Rise My Venture

Divyang Srikanth Bolla – an Indian and a former MIT Business Management student has successfully set up a 50 crore firm called Bollant Industries. Few months ago, Narendra Modi has suggested that the term ‘Divyang’ (divine body) instead of ‘Viklang’ be used for persons with disability. Divyang Srikanth Bolla is a perfect example of the “Divyang”. When he was born, Neighbors suggest his parents to get rid of his child. Srinkanth Bolla was born blind and all people in the village told his parents –“Being born blind is a sin”.

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Divyang Srikanth Bolla always thanks to his parents because his parents believes that education is more valuable than having a property in a metro city. He sent his son in the school. Divyang Srikanth Bolla did his schooling from “Devnar School for the Blind” in Mayurmarg, Begumpet, Hyderabad, Telangana. After completing the schooling, He went to college to complete his high school degree from Royal Junior College.

His achievements during High school degree at Royal Junior College:

  • Member of Andhra Pradesh State Blind Cricket Team.
  • Won 2nd and 5th places in All-India Under-18 National Chess Championship.
  • Won state championships in under-18 Chess Tournaments.
  • 12th Place and 18th Place in Chess Open Nationals.
  • 6th and 10th Places in South Zone Chess Tournaments.

After completing the high school degree from Royal Junior College, he wanted to get admission into Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). Though he was rejected by IIT but he did not lose the hope.

Divyang Srikanth Bolla Says – “I got a letter saying ‘you are blind, hence you are not allowed to apply for competitive exams.’ If IIT did not want me, I did not want IIT either. How long can you fight?”

He worked hard and selected for MIT Sloan School of Management under Business Management program. He completed his bachelors from MIT during 2009-2013. He was an intelligent student during his coursework at MIT.

His Professional Experience:

  • General Electric India Innovation Center (Project Intern) June 2010 to August 2010 (Hyderabad, India)
  • Infosys (Summer Intern) – July 2011 to September 2011 (Hyderabad, India)
  • MIT Tech Callers (Student Tech Caller) – September 2011 to May 2012 (Massachusetts, USA)
  • Infosys (INSTEP Intern) – June 2012 to July 2012 (Hyderabad, India)
  • International Development Club at MIT (Executive Director) – October 2011 to September 2012 (Massachusetts, USA)
  • Sinha Lab at MIT (Undergraduate Research Assistant) – February 2009 to May 2013 (Massachusetts, USA)
  • LeadIndia2020 “the second youth national movement” (Youth Leader & Trainer) – February 2006 to Present
  • Samanvai center for children with multiple Disabilities (Cofounder) – January 2011 to Present
  • Aasadeep Projects Pvt Ltd (Founder & CEO) – September 2012 to Present

During his studies at MIT, Divyang Srikanth Bolla setup a company named “Bollant Industries”. BOLLANT Industries Pvt. Ltd came into existence in the year, 2012, in the month of December, under the larger mission to create employment opportunities for millions of differently challenged people, who are mostly uneducated and unskilled. Since long, there has been an acute need, to engage them not only in a suitable job but provide them regular employment which would help them, to lead a decent living. The challenge is to identify suitable work for them in mainstream occupations with necessary adaptations. The other challenge is to evolve as a feasible commercial venture, with the underlying objective to create large scale employment opportunities to differently-abled persons. BOLLANT produces eco-friendly disposable products and packaging solutions for manufacturers out of the natural leaf and recycled paper. Our production units, employ largely uneducated and unskilled people having disabilities. In augmenting the revenue, the company also offers adhesives, printing inks/printing products & intermediate products for the disposable product manufacturers. BOLLANT currently operates from five manufacturing units and has sales crossing 70 million each year.

BOLLANT is best managed by a team of committed professionals led by the technocrat founder Divyang Srikanth Bolla, Ms.Swarnalatha Takkilapati, Mr. S. Prabakar Reddy and Mr. Ravi Mantha.

Divyang Srikanth Bolla Team Rise My Venture

A Brief about Bollant Industries Team Member:

Divyang Srikanth Bolla, Director, CEO
Divyang Srikanth Bolla was born visually impaired and is a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He co-founded Samanvai center for children with multiple disabilities – that explains the competence of Divyang Srikanth Bolla and the future for BOLLANT Industries Pvt. Ltd. succinctly. Divyang Bolla had to fight to become the first student in the country to study science beyond grade 10. His pioneering success has made it possible today for many blind and other physically challenged students to a role model to follow. A national chess player, an Indian national blind cricket player, Divyang Bolla has served as a youth leader for Lead India 2020. (Second national youth movement to change India by developing youth). Divyang Srikanth Bolla is ‘exceptionally’ differently-abled person and by his achievements, he has accomplished his dream, to change the way people perceive, the capabilities of differently challenged people.

Ravi Mantha, Director and Financial Advisor

Ravi Mantha Bollant Industries Rise My Venture Ravi Mantha is the chief financial officer at BOLLANT. Ravi worked as a portfolio manager at Fidelity Investments in Boston and London for about 10 years where he co-managed $35 billion Select global equity portfolios. Ravi was also lead portfolio manager of $1 billion select emerging markets equity strategy. He is currently an angel investor, an adviser to social impact enterprises, and an author too. He pursued BA in liberal arts from the University of Puget Sound in Washington State in the year, 1993. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst and also an active charter member of TiE, the global network of entrepreneurs and is the Chairman, for its Singapore chapter. He not only serves on the global board of Trustees of TiE but he is also on the advisory board of the Action for India Forum.

Swarnalatha Takkilapati, Director and COO

Swarnalatha Takkilapati Bollant Industries Rise My Venture Swarnalatha Takkilipati is the Managing Director of BOLLANT Industries Pvt. Ltd. Her role includes being responsible for business operations including management of inventory, employees and daily production. Ms. Takkilipati is also into teaching techniques and designing the curriculum to suit the abilities of different challenged persons. She has gained 15 years of rich experience in teaching, training and employing the differently challenged people. She was also recognized as a special educator by the Rehabilitation Council of India in 2008.

SP Reddy, Director and Strategy Advisor

SP Reddy, Director and Strategy Advisor Bollant Industries Rise My Venture
Mr. S. P. Reddy is associated with BOLLANT as Director and has played a key role in getting investors on board. An entrepreneur and investor himself, he comes with over 20 years of experience across diverse sectors including Information Technology, Transportation, Healthcare, Hospitality and Real Estate. Having worked, both nationally and internationally (The US, Singapore, and Malaysia), he is an active member of numerous professional, business and community organizations. Mr. Reddy has founded many companies including enGenius Consulting Group offering IT-related services and Terminus Infrastructure India Pvt. Ltd – currently building nearly 1Million Sqft of Mix-Used Commercial Complex. On the investment front, Mr. Reddy has been an active investor and developer for more than two decades in hospitality and real estate in North America. In India, he is on the Board of Directors of Sarvajana Healthcare Pvt. Ltd -Sunshine Hospitals, Asian Institute of Urology and Nephrology and Asian Institute of Gastroentology.

BOLLANT has support from a set of investors who believe that the company has the potential to make highly positive large-scale multidimensional social impact while progressively running a very profitable enterprise. They also believe that, it is destined to grow as fast and as attractively as any other fast paced business venture. During December 2015, the company had announced that after raising Rs 9 crore in its first round of funding, it was planning to raise another Rs 13 crore. We found that packaging in India was a fragmented, cottage-level industry with lots of room for high-quality players to come in and grow. This new investment will give a huge boost to our already rocket-fuelled growth plans,” says Divyang Srikanth Bolla.

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